On vacation: All the tips for a relaxing holiday

Summer, holidays, off on vacation . This is easy for many people to do together. Whether you want to escape the not always nice weather in Germany or - like for example this year - enjoy the enormous heat on a beautiful beach instead of sweating in the city - the holiday is known to be the best time of the year. Relax instead of stress, foreign countries instead of just sitting at home, palm trees instead of flowers on the balcony. You can look forward to it for months. Unfortunately, the anticipation and enthusiasm for the journey itself can be tarnished if preparation and implementation are not working properly. Therefore for you: Our off on vacation Tips for holidays that are remembered for the right reasons ...

On vacation: All the tips for a relaxing holiday

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On vacation: conflicts on the days off
Off on vacation: Last Minute Deals 2019
On vacation: tips on all areas
Labor Law: The most important questions about holidays

On vacation: conflicts on the days off
Probably everyone has experienced it before: The holiday begins, but already on the journey there are first discussions . The route by car makes problems, there is no window seat in the plane, the hotel looked at the booking much nicer ... After a few days brews then the next fight together and despite vacation gets you in the hair. But why?

It could be so nice and the free time should actually serve the recovery. Quite without argument, a longer holiday works but rarely - for several reasons :

Too high expectations
It should be the dream vacation, everything absolutely perfect and 100 percent as you have always wished. Especially for larger trips or destinations that you have long dreamed of, the expectations are extremely high and sometimes difficult to fulfill. If everything is not perfect then disappointment and frustration are quickly released, which are discharged towards the fellow travelers.

More time together
On vacation, you can finally spend more time with your partner and not always look after work. That is nice and an advantage of free time, but also has great potential for conflict. For many it is unusual to spend the whole day sitting together and being around the clock.

Often different ideas
One would like to spend the whole day on the beach, turning brown and occasionally jumping into the water. But the other one would rather explore the area, visit museums, get to know the culture, experience the country and its people. If the ideas about the pastimes are far apart, the quarrel is already in the air and usually can not be long in coming.

Often bad preparation
In order for the relaxed holiday to really work, it needs good preparation and planning. Otherwise, there is no recovery, but constant stress and anger. This starts with the planning of your holiday, from the arrival to the transfer to the hotel, to excursions or other activities and, of course, the return journey.

So that your next vacation is a complete success, you can relax, experience something and stay great memories, we have summarized all the tips for travel and the most important points for the holiday in the job for you. Then it's finally time to go on vacation!

Off on vacation: Last Minute Deals 2019
The Germans are bargain hunters - and known as Reiseweltmeister. If it goes off on vacation, then cheap. Alternatively, resort to package tours, sometimes even your own travel organized - the opportunities for cheap deals are varied:

They take into account the season
Who travels without children, can usually fall back on the lower season. Here there are real bargains compared to vacation in the summer holidays.

You book yourself
Those who put together their own journey will save some of the costs that went to the travel agency. However, picking the right hotel can be a bit of a hassle. Also, the flight must fit in with the check-in or check-out times of the hotel. Those who are not well-versed in this process easily lose track of things. Also, the research effort should be in proportion to the savings - it does not pay off, it can be cheaper and much less stressful to make a booking in the travel agency.

They pay attention to the day
Most of the airlines are busy at the weekend . Your flight could be a lot cheaper if you fly in or out during the week.

You choose specialized companies
If you need to take the season with you, you can look at last-minute travel agencies (for example, directly at the airport) or conveniently online on the many pages for last-minute deals.

They are looking for another airport
Different airport charges, shorter (or equal) arrival or cheap transportation for the journey to and from the airport - all these costs can affect the bottom line on a cheaper holiday. Also, the flight itself can be cheaper from another airport, so comparisons are worthwhile in any case.

You will receive a coupon
Some tour operators grant discounts to repeat customers when they conclude a trip. Or the customer books a holiday with a voucher from a coupon book. Often, airlines have vacant seats in the off-season and offer cheap flights as part of action weeks.

Attention, click trap!
off on vacation deals last minute vacation packages own arrival voucherCaution is announced with many a voucher on the Internet . So a customer recently fell in the travel portal-in-den-Urlaub.de on a click trap in, as Computerbild reported.

Offered was the option to be able to cancel the holiday for free within 24 hours . However, in order to make use of this offer, the customer would have had to click through a sub-page - wrongly, as consumer advocates said.

However, there was no such indication at the time of the provisional reservation . Since the customer did not want to take legal action, the travel portal received 573 euros cancellation costs for the total of 604 euro expensive travel.

On vacation: tips on all areas
See the need for relaxation
Are you ready for a holiday? When do you go on vacation? Always in summer? Or rather in winter? Most people have a relatively consistent rhythm. If you have children, you have to keep to the school holidays and there are the long summer holidays. However, you should also pay attention to whether you may be ready for vacation at another time. If you are in urgent need of a break already in the spring, because you have hardly any strength left and are completely listless to work, it can still be very long months. Pay attention to the signals that your body sends you and try to plan your holiday accordingly.

More signs that you are ready for vacation can be found HERE (PDF) .

It does not always have to be two weeks vacation
Off on vacation Last Minute Deals Holidays CheapIf you realize that you are ready for vacation, a short break can be a good alternative to a longer trip . A few days, maybe a long weekend, can be enough to recharge your batteries and get you back to work.

Off on vacation does not necessarily mean that it has to be a longer trip of at least one or two weeks. Treat yourself to a few days of relaxation . Here you will find all the tips for a short break .

The individual holiday entitlement
In an employment relationship, you are entitled to paid holiday leave - this is stipulated by the Federal Holiday Law. However, it is not quite clear how many days of holiday you are entitled to each year. The statutory minimum entitlement is 20 leave days (for a five-day work week) or 24 days (for a six-work week). However, it is worth taking a look into your employment contract , as it can be deviated upwards if your boss grants you more vacation.

You can find more about holiday entitlement HERE .

Note the rest of your vacation
You receive your holiday every year - so every year you have new days off, which you have to take, so that the claim does not expire. Holidays that are still available at the end of the year are called remaining vacation. You can take it with you the following year, but you must use it until the 31st of March so that it does not expire. Be sure to discuss the scheme with your employer regarding your remaining vacation. There are exceptions where you can take your remaining vacation later, for example, when several colleagues are sick and therefore you can not go on vacation in the first quarter of next year.

You can find out more about the rest holiday HERE .

Consider the leave request
Before you can officially go on vacation, you first have to submit it to your employer. You can not take your own leave and just go when it suits you. In many companies a written leave application is necessary, in smaller companies it is sometimes sufficient to talk to the boss about the time of the holiday and wait for an oral confirmation. So that the employer has time to plan, it is advisable to submit an application for leave early.

You can find more about the vacation request HERE .

Secure the holiday representation
Your holiday should not just be everything and left undone. Customers want to continue to have a contact person, urgent tasks must be processed in your absence and of course you do not want to come back and find a mountain of work for which you need weeks first. Before starting your holiday, you should therefore plan a vacation replacement and clarify all important questions and points with colleagues. Make sure you also give access to all the important documents, information and projects so that the others do not have problems.

More about vacation replacement can be found HERE .

Do not forget the vacation notice
On Vacation Tips Vacation Travel Last Minute DealsIf someone tries to reach you during your vacation, an absence notice helps clear the information. Create an automatic response in your e-mail inbox that explains briefly and accurately that you are on vacation, how long you are likely to be unreachable and which colleagues (including contact details) you can contact during this time.

Here you will find more information and tips on the absence notice !

Find the dream vacation
The absolute dream vacation looks different for everyone. Beautiful beaches with clear and turquoise waters, beautiful cities and interesting stories, foreign cultures or even a delicious and exceptional local cuisine with delicious food. Find out for yourself what makes your holiday an unforgettable experience and what you personally hope for from your dream vacation.

More about the dream vacation can be found HERE .

Prepare the holiday
A successful holiday is not planned and prepared overnight. Of course, a travel destination and a hotel can be found and booked online or in a travel agency in a relatively short time, but for the actual vacation preparation you should still take enough time to experience no nasty surprises later. It starts with your passport. If you have not needed one yet, you may need to apply for a new one, which can take several weeks. An existing passport must be checked for validity. Also, find out if you need a visa for your destination or if certain vaccinations are recommended or required.

You can find more about holiday preparation HERE .

Check the checklist
For your vacation you have to think of many things at the same time. Anyone who forgets, not only annoyed about it, but may ruin the entire journey. In the resort forgotten utensils are not or not in the expected quality available, and you usually pay much more than at home. Of course you can try to remember everything, but in most cases it's better to create checklists and work them out in order. With every point you tick off, you'll be one step closer to your holiday, with the certainty of having thought of everything.

Various checklists for your vacation can be found HERE .

Pack the bags
It is the part of the vacation that hardly anyone likes: the tiresome suitcase packing. Underwear, shirts, pants, shoes, cosmetics - countless things want to be stowed, while the suitcase seems to shrink with each additional piece of clothing. Nobody wants to pack too little and be on vacation without fresh clothes, so be stuffed and pressed until the seams burst. The most important tip: Be sure to write a packing list. Who simply throws everything in the suitcase, has in the end full pockets and still forgets half. If you pack a beach towel, you should also consider what this says about you - in this PDF we have (with a wink) listed a typology of beach towel types.

More tips to pack your bags can be found HERE .

Know the tip
Other countries, other customs - that also applies in restaurants or bars when it comes to tipping. As a tourist, you are often unsure how much you should give to a waiter for service. Or is it perhaps not appropriate to tip? Sometimes a service fee will be added to the bill, which may make extra tipping unnecessary. The best way to find out in advance about the practices in your holiday country, so you do not get embarrassed when paying.

More tip tips can be found HERE .

The disease on vacation
There could hardly be a worse time. You want to relax and recover, instead, summer flu, headache or another illness and you have to cure first. So you have certainly not imagined the free time and now you are still wasting valuable holidays. Not correct! Anyone who gets sick on holiday, can get a medical certificate from the doctor and submit to the employer, so that these days are not deducted from the annual leave. After all, it is not for nothing that you have a relaxing holiday - and those who can not recover because they are ill have no real holiday.

More information about the illness on holiday can be found HERE .

Why do you get sick on vacation?
On Vacation Tips Cheap Deals Last Minute Offer CouponIs it just bad luck that you get sick on your holiday? Maybe yes, but there is also a medical explanation : the so-called Leisure Sickness. Behind this is the phenomenon that many workers fall ill just when you want to start the well-deserved vacation. Also the reasons could scientists on the track and found out that the decrease of the stress level is responsible.

Of course this should not mean that stress is healthy. But the body produces stress hormones in everyday working life so that you can persevere, perform well and basically function. If hormone production is suddenly slowed down because free time is required, the body can react to it by means of disease symptoms.

Here you can find more information about Leisure Sickness .

The return to the job
Even the most beautiful holiday ends sometime and then it goes back to the job and everyday life. That does not always work so easily, because many are after the great holiday, long back to distant places and reminisce. Get started again right from the start and start the day with motivation? Most of them are still far away. It can help if you do not have to get back to work the next day after your return journey. A few days to return home can help to get back into the job.

You can find many more tips for returning to the job HERE .

Labor Law: The most important questions about holidays
Ab on holiday labor law questions answersUnfortunately, there is always trouble, discussions and frustration when it comes to holidays in the workplace. One possible reason is the uncertainty about the rights and obligations that the employment law provides for an employee's vacation. To make sure that this does not happen again in the future, we have clarified the most common and most important issues with labor lawyer Peter Groll and summarized in a small FAQ:

Who has all vacation entitlement?
Employees are legally entitled to paid leave. Employees also include apprentices. The holiday entitlement is regulated in the Federal Holiday Act. You may find in the employment contract, an applicable collective agreement or in a company agreement further regulations on the subject of vacation.

How long is the statutory minimum leave?
The legal minimum duration of the holiday is 20 working days for a 5-day week and 24 working days for a 6-day week, so it always equates to a holiday of four weeks a year. If you only work four days a week, you are entitled to 16 working days of holiday, in a 3-day week twelve holidays and so on. Employment contracts and collective agreements regularly stipulate a higher vacation entitlement. Handicapped persons can claim five days extra special leave for each year.

When does the vacation entitlement exist?
The full vacation entitlement only exists after a waiting period of six months with a new employer. Before the end of the waiting period, one-twelfth of the annual leave can be claimed for each full month of the employment contract. After four months, for example, 4/12 of the statutory leave entitlement of 20 days of leave and thus 6.66 days of leave can be taken. Fractions of holiday days that result in at least half a day are rounded up on full holidays. In the example above, 7 days.

Can the boss call me back on vacation and must I be available?
No, not usually. A revocation of the holiday grant is possible only in extreme exceptional cases, which are hardly found in practice. Neither "compelling necessities" nor emergency and maintenance work in the workplace allow the employer to restore the work obligation by unilateral declaration. The employee is therefore not obliged to leave his or her holiday address or to be reachable by telephone. Insofar as employees in company practice follow a so-called recall, are reachable or interrupt the holiday, this happens voluntarily in agreement with the employer.

What should I do if I get sick while on vacation?
Disease stings vacation, is a rule of thumb - because then you just have no holiday joy and relaxation. The purpose of the holiday is no longer given. Who can present a medical certificate, retains his vacation entitlement for the duration of the declared inability to work: 10 days of approved leave, 5 days of which sick, makes 5 days leave, which can later be applied for "again".

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