CYGOLITE Dart 210 Bike Light Review

I'm a security nut with regards to bikes, particularly electric bicycles since I will in general ride further, quicker and at surge hour times driving. Having acquired CYGOLITE items before, I chose to look at their Dart models which are littler, lighter and more affordable than a portion of the more brilliant ones. It bids to me since it's helpful, simple to associate and separate from a scope of various bar styles (customary or drop bars) and widths. The Dart 210 model transmits 210 Lumens and is battery-powered so the packaging can be harder, progressively minimal and utilize can be less inefficient. The unit accompanies a USB 2.0 to Micro USB link that is little and simple to stuff in a bundle just as being normal… it's the equivalent charging interface that Samsung PDAs use (in any event in 2016/2017 when this was composed).

Why get the Dart when there are presently edge and pole style bicycle lights that appear to be more brilliant? All things considered, I'm a major aficionado of the CYGOLITE Hotrod and other comparable plans however have discovered that they don't enlighten your way just as the light gun styles. They're extraordinary for city riding when road lights enlighten the way yet I frequently ride on bicycle ways and neighborhoods where it's similarly as imperative to see as be-seen. In the video audit above, I tried a lot of various lights however picked two CYGOLITE items as headlights since I've discovered them to offset splendor with accommodation well. I don't love the more changeless plastic fastens that have bicycle lights click on as much as I can imagine the elastic band style. The drawback is that you can't change from side to side as effectively as here and there. Practically speaking, at any rate with the bicycle I was trying with (a Specialized Stump Jumper) the Dart functioned admirably enough as far as pointing. At last, I was astonished and dazzled with how well it performed contrasted with the bigger CYGOLITE Metro model. It had a more extensive pillar with smoother blur from focus however the two of them took care of business and the Dart remained cooler.

As somebody who rides on streets, soil ways and even mountain trails with my bicycles… I like that the Dart isn't enormous to the point that it could get knock or begin to swivel free with loads of jolting activity. As you add increasingly mass to adornments, they will in general ricochet around more and require bigger mounts and that takes more space and so forth. To me, the Dart is magnificent. In reality as we know it where it's anything but difficult to burn through $50+ on a bicycle light this ~$30 model doesn't feel like it bargains much and gratitude to some novel planning it radiates through the sides just as the front. There's a convenient low battery marker that has the light gleam when turning on or off to tell you it's an ideal opportunity to charge and a full refill takes ~3 hours because of the charging standard. This appeared somewhat long to me however note even 30 minutes will make you go and the low modes keep going a LONG time and will keep you obvious. There are seven modes to look over as pursues and I've recorded the evaluated running time for every mode:

Low: 5 hrs

Medium: 2:30 hours

High: 1:30 hours

Lift: 45 minutes

SteadyPulse: 2:30 hours

DayLightning: 10:30 hours

Strolling: 24 hours

This is the sort of bicycle light that I think I'd utilize all the more regularly on the grounds that it's helpful, I'd share it with loved ones in light of the fact that loosing it wouldn't use up every last cent despite everything I have a feeling that I'd be protected and noticeable while having a shaft sufficiently able to light my way. I could see myself utilizing it related to lit caps like the Specialized CENTRO LED appeared in the video or a Torch head protector with front and back lights. I've been hit by a vehicle once on my bicycle before where they took a sharp appropriate without flagging or checking their vulnerable side and kind of folded me over a corner. I left for the most part alright however accept that even in the sunshine (when this mishap occurred) having a blazing light can have any kind of effect. The DayLightening mode on the Dart does this, making a diverting kind of strobe impact that could have alarmed the vehicle to my quality that day. Eventually, it must be advantageous so I'm happy organizations are making items like the Dart that bargain yet at the same time function admirably.


Overly light weight and conservative, at approximately 1/tenth of a pound this light doesn't overload your pockets or take much space in a pack or handbag, it additionally doesn't ricochet around and swivel as much when landscape gets harsh on the grounds that it doesn't have much mass

Amazingly quick and simple to join and isolate from handle bars, it very well may be utilized on customary bars or drop bars and mounted level or vertically, the Versatite elastic band tie thing is adaptable yet at the same time feels tough

Notwithstanding the essential front window on the light where the fundamental bar is anticipated, there are side enlightenment ports that help keep you unmistakable from various points, the fasten additionally lights

As the battery gradually wears out, the light squints to tell you it's an ideal opportunity to charge so you don't wind up stranded without light

There are seven lighting modes to look over accentuating brilliance, perceivability in the daytime (with DayLightning blazing mode) or durable strolling mode… you get 45 minutes as long as 24 hours of activity for every charge contingent upon the mode utilized

Because of the lower Lumen yield of this light I found that it didn't get as hot as some different models

I cherish that the light is battery-powered and that the Micro USB link used to do as such is smaller and light weight, you don't need to haul a power block around and there are heaps of gadgets nowadays with USB that you can interface with

CYGOLITE offers a not too bad one year guarantee for the first proprietor against industrial facility surrenders, they additionally sell a combo pack so you can get the Dart with a Hotshot Micro 30 back light that are both battery-powered and utilize a similar link

You can kill the CYGOLITE by holding the power catch for two or three seconds from any mode and it recalls the last mode you were in when you walk out on


I found the 210 Lumens of light to be adequate for riding around my neighborhood however it isn't as splendid as some different models… some portion of what keeps it light and shabby, the shaft is increasingly engaged and restricted

It takes as long as three hours for a full charge in light of the fact that the Micro USB charging link simply doesn't enable power to stream that rapidly

Since the light interfaces with an elastic band tie it's simpler to knock out of position (particularly when squeezing the top catch to enact or change modes), a few lights mount to an increasingly perpetual and secure clasp and can even swivel on a level plane which this one can't

On my model the top catch (used to control on and change modes) wasn't dark so it tried to please could be diverting versus simply forward and to the sides

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